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The Investment Portfolios We Create Are As Unique As Our Clients

Kennon-Green & Co. is a fiduciary global asset management firm specializing in value investing for affluent and high net worth individuals, families, and institutions. Our minimum relationship size varies by investment strategy but typically ranges from $500,000 to $10,000,000 depending upon portfolio mandate. If you are interested in our wealth management solutions, please read An Introduction to Kennon-Green & Co. and Our Investment Philosophy & Strategies for a brief overview of who we are, what we believe, and how we manage portfolios.  If you’d like additional information, or to speak with a Managing Director, we invite you to call our offices at (949) 356-9787.

Kennon-Green & Co Global Asset Management Value Investing Fiduciary Introduction Stocks

Value Strategy

Our Value Strategy is an opportunistic portfolio that seeks to acquire assets Kennon-Green & Co. believes are undervalued relative to the firm’s estimate of intrinsic value or that the firm believes represents a fair value for assets that appear to be above-average in quality as demonstrated by a number of quantitative and qualitative characteristics.

Kennon-Green & Co. Defensive Balanced Strategy Investment Mandate

Defensive Balanced Strategy

Our Defensive Balanced Strategy is for private clients who desire a diversified portfolio consisting of a more traditional mix of equity and fixed-income holdings meant to help weather numerous economic environments by holding a cash and fixed-income allocation of between 25% and 75% depending upon both capital market conditions and client-specific considerations.

Kennon-Green & Co. Global Value Investing Fiduciary Management Introduction

Additional Strategies

Kennon-Green & Co. offers several additional investment strategy mandates for private accounts including our High Dividend Strategy, Passive Strategy, and Fixed Income Strategy.  For clients with unique needs or circumstances, we can custom-tailor a Bespoke Strategy that is entirely personalized, including the ability to request certain moral and ethical restrictions that help align their investment portfolio with their most deeply cherished values.

An Introduction to Kennon-Green & Co.

What Makes Us Different

At Kennon-Green & Co., we specialize in helping affluent and high net worth individuals, families, and institutions protect, preserve, and grow their capital over multiple decades and generations.  There are eight things that make us different from other asset management companies.  Learn more …

The Kennon-Green & Co. Credo

The Kennon-Green & Co. Credo

The Kennon-Green & Co. Credo is the philosophical, ethical, and moral heart of the firm. Our founders wrote it before accepting clients and intend for it to be a multi-generational document that guides operations. The language was intended to encompass future growth and expansion; to be timeless without the need for significant updates or modifications.  Read the Credo …

Kennon-Green & Co. Private Client Letters

Private Client Letters

We feel it is important for clients to understand what they own, why they own it, and how we see it fitting into the broader context of their portfolio, the market, and the economy. One way we seek to achieve that objective is through the publication of private client letters.  Learn more …

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What Is Value Investing?

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