The Kennon & Green Family of Companies
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The Kennon & Green family of businesses is a collection of independently owned and operated companies engaged in a wide range of activities including sporting goods, publishing, investments, and retail.

Sporting Goods

Mount Olympus Awards, LLC is one of the largest retailers and direct-to-school wholesalers of custom chenille awards, varsity letters, and varsity letterman jackets in the United States through its retail division at Mount Olympus Awards and its direct-to-school division at MOA Team Supply.

The company’s products have appeared in major motion pictures, on television, in magazines, and are worn by tens of thousands of students throughout the nation.

Intellectual Property

Kennon Green Enterprises, LLC is an intellectual property holding company that earns royalties on sales generated through its online software platform serving the manufacturing industry.  It has no direct operations, employees, or activities, but instead was designed to hold a portfolio of copyrights, domain licenses, music rights, publishing rights, trademarks, patents, and other intangible assets that can be licensed or sold, providing a valuable stream of capital to redeploy into other investments.


Utilizing a deep value based investment philosophy, we strive to put together a portfolio of high-quality assets including stocks, bonds, private equity, real estate, natural resources, and other financial securities that exhibit characteristics including a high return on equity, little or no debt, strong management, diversified revenue sources, strong liquidity, sound capital allocation policies, and a reasonable valuation relative to conservatively estimated fair market value.

Specialty Retail

Trough retail and ecommerce firms such as Kennon & Company, we sell a wide range of products including fountain pens, baby gifts, cashmere scarves, fine jewelry, shaving sets, home decor, bath products, and apparel.  We prefer to operate with exclusive niche market distributors and manufacturers that enforce strict pricing guidelines, ensuring higher profit margins.

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"Financial success isn’t glamorous. It is making sure more money comes in than goes out and that the money you keep earns a good rate of return at the lowest possible risk. That is it. That is the recipe. If you do that for long enough, you can end up rich." - Joshua Kennon, Managing Member